Cleaning one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols

Migyur Dorje Buddha for the bumpa
Unpainted Migyur Dorje



Painting Migyur Dorje bumpa
Preparing to paint the
Migyur Dorje Relief










Prayer Wheels







Dedicating Merit

Sacred Buddhist Stupas of Kunzang Palyul Choling

Maryland Stupa Projects
Opportunities to Participate

KPC Peace Park Project

When the cares of the world seem too heavy and you are seeking spiritual renewal, come to the KPC Peace Park.  This sacred refuge, which is comprised of the 65 acre KPC Peace Park and the 7 acres of Temple Land, is a haven of woodlands, walking trails, meditation gardens and 19 fully consecrated Stupas.  Combined with the power of an unbroken 24-hour Prayer Vigil, it is truly a place where one feels the presence of something holy, and everyone feels spiritually rejuvenated simply by being here.  People from all parts of the world now come on pilgrimage to walk the land, circumambulate the stupas, make offerings and gain inner nourishment.

The Stupas that have been built and consecrated provide continuous opportunities to accumulate merit.  Painting and repairing the stupas, new brocades, landscaping, gardening  and developing the completion of the Peace Park requires hundreds of volunteer hours, and thousands of dollars annually.  



2006-2007 Project Goals
Peace Park Stupas

The KPC Peace Park is an on-going project that is constantly creating the opportunity for creating merit for those participating. With such a large expanse of property, and a rich and abundant group of stupas, we have many new projects coming up this year.


The Migyur Dorje Stupa

In 2005, the entire stupa was stripped and repainted gold.  The relief of Migyur Dorje (see above and to the left) and its exquisite detail is now being painted by artistic volunteers.  The biggest project in the Peace Park this year will be to ‘marry the stupa to the Earth’.  The base of the stupa needs to be touching the earth and a wall with gardens is being constructed to effect this marriage. 


Migyur Dorje stupa before repairs Migyur Dorje Stupa after
Stupa before being married to the earth
Stupa after being 'married' to the earth.


Development for  the completion of the Migyur Dorje park is in the planning stages, but an architectural rendering is shown here.

Stupa Park rendering


The Stupa Park

In the Stupa Park that contains the stupas of the 8 Great Deeds, plus the central Long Life Stupa, the repainting of each stupa was completed last year.  We will be replacing the brocades in the gau of the central stupa, and a creating a beautiful granite altar for the front.  Landscaping and more benches will be added to complete the park’s welcoming energy.

Maryland Stupa Park

The Enlightenment Stupa

The Enlightenment Stupa was completely stripped and repainted in 2005. Brocade that was added to the gau was damaged by weather and will be replaced this year, and the gau will be sealed from the elements.


Enlightenment Stupa



Peace Park Landscaping and Gardens

The beautiful Peace Park will enjoy new landscaping this year that will also include pathways, bridges and new greenery. Annual plantings in the 10 directional gardens correspond to their colors: White, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. We will be refinishing the prayer wheels, and repainting the wooden stupas in the five gardens.


Lotus garden

Sponsorship Opportunities

Friends of the KPC Peace Park

Friends of the KPC Peace Park are people just like you, people who aspire to see peace and compassion prevail throughout the world. You have the opprtunity to make a contribution to a profound and sacred structure that will be a landmark for generations to come, bringing peace and opportunity for prayer for thousands each year.

........................................Read more and make a contribution to the Peace Park Stupa Project


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